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Retail A visit to Alldredge is a visually exciting experience.

The nursery features a wide variety of stunning houseplants, an array of outdoor groundcovers, shrubs and trees for your landscaping needs and hanging baskets to beautify drab patios. A large inventory of tools and supplies address all gardening needs. Fine furniture and décor produce striking outdoor and indoor living areas and garden accessories ensure that no small detail is overlooked in creating just the right atmosphere. Trust Alldredge Gardens to help create an exquisite environment both outside and inside.

Plants & Trees

The vast majority of plant material purchased at Alldredge Gardens is grown on site. That is the greatest benefit of shopping locally. The customer can rest assured that the plants that are purchased are hardy and resilient for the harsh west Texas environment. Whether a seasoned gardener, or a fresh beginner, Alldredge is committed to educating and empowering do-it-yourselfers with the knowledge and tools to succeed. Alldredge professionals are available to answer questions and provide guidance necessary to making gardening dreams a reality.

Purchasing from Alldredge is a special experience. The quality of service and merchandise is exceptional because local production means a higher standard for quality control. Products are available that other competitors are unable to provide. Because the plants are locally grown, savings are passed on to the consumer, who does not have to pay higher prices to cover the shipping of merchandise.

Landscape Design Services

Alldredge Gardens offers full landscape design service and construction.  Have one of our degreed landscapers transform your outdoor space.  Call 432.682.4500 for more information today. Alldredge offers complete landscape design services for:

  • Patio
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Bedboards
  • Driveways

Tree Installation

“We stand behind every tree we sell!”

Whether creating a new landscape, or enhancing an existing one, Alldredge professionals provide the best service, guaranteed. Placement is carefully considered, to guarantee that trees do not interfere with existing structures, electrical, gas or water lines, or other trees. Proper placement not only ensures that proper safety measures are taken, but also makes certain that each tree has plenty of room to grow healthy and strong. All professionally installed trees and shrubs are guaranteed for one year after installation. Even after the warranty Alldredge will always be here to care for your trees.

Garden Supplies

Landscape DesignAlldredge Gardens has all of the necessary supplies for the do-it-yourselfer to make their garden and landscape perform at its very best. A variety of unusual specialty garden tools are in stock for large and small projects. Many of these garden tools are difficult find at most garden centers. Top of the line bagged soil is available for container gardening, and soil conditioner enhances existing soil for in-ground flower beds and vegetable gardens. An assortment of seed packets and an array of seedlings and larger plants in the nursery ensure that each gardener may grow plants at all stages of growth from inception to prolongation. A wide selection of fertilizers ensure that lawns, shrubs, flowers and vegetables receive the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong, making them resilient to disease and encouraging optimum production. Chemical products ensure that plants have the protection they need should they become susceptible to pests or disease. Choose Alldredge Gardens first for all gardening needs.

Alldredge carries a complete line of organic gardening products for the organic gardener.

Garden Accessories

Whether creating a landscape from scratch, recreating a new space, or enhancing an already lovely landscape, carefully selected pots, fountains, and statues can truly complete the space. Alldredge Gardens features a wide variety of pots in a diverse range of materials, sizes and colors for all container gardening needs. Fountains are a wonderful landscape addition to enhance peacefulness and tranquility, mask background noise and add a lovely focal point to the landscape. Bird feeders, bird houses and bird baths can add extra life to the landscape, while wind chimes add an ethereal quality. Sun catchers and lanterns enhance the ambiance both day and night. From large landscape additions to smaller subtle details, choose Alldredge Gardens when accessorizing patios and landscapes.

Fine Outdoor Living & Décor

Tree Services Alldredge Gardens is proud to offer unique, top of the line, high quality furniture for both outdoor and indoor living.

Our elite furniture lines include:
O.W. Lee, Winston, Brown Jordan, Lane Venture, Castelle, Kessler, Tropitone Hanamint.

No other store in the area carries these exclusive items.

Stunning décor ensures the design is complete. A wide array of original Lampe Berger collectables, Sid Dickens memory blocks, framed and canvas art, stylish clocks, and artificial floral arrangements are available. No detail is neglected in creating the ideal interior environment, as Archipelago candles, diffusers, soaps and body wash create a perfectly relaxing environment to soothe the body and soul. When creating an ideal atmosphere, remember that Alldredge offers firewood for indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. New items are always in rotation, as inventory is updated and restocked, making each visit an exciting experience with a wide array of new material to explore!

Rock Yard

The largest selection of natural stone products in West Texas. Alldredge Gardens carries bulk flagston, river rock, gravel and decorative stones for all your lanscaping needs. Our exstensive selection will help you build a walkway, driveway, patio, water feature, fire pit, retaining wall, flower bed, tree circle, chimney, mailbox, home or commercial building. The Alldredge Rock Yard serves both residential and commercial customers. Call us today with any questions about our beautiful, natural stone products for your landscaping or building needs.

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