Irrigation Services in Midland, Texas

Irrigation Services

Experience the Precision of Water Distribution

Install – Renovate – Repair. We provide irrigation and sprinkler services. From first-time sprinkler installations, renovations of older systems, or sprinkler repair of current systems, a professional irrigation and sprinkler contractor is prepared to execute a cost-effective and energy-efficient plan with minimal disruption to the existing landscape. 

Repairing sprinklers can be difficult and time consuming. Do not hesitate to call us we have the tools and experience to get your sprinklers back in check so your yard can be green again.

Here in the desert of Midland, Texas having proper and working Irrigation is an absolute necessity. Alldredge gardens has what you need for your lawn care, and to continue or start having a thriving landscape.

  • Design - Water your lawn and beds efficiently and effortlessly with our irrigation and sprinkler design. 

  • Install - Let us hold the shovel. 

  • Repair - Let us fix your existing irrigation or sprinkler system - the right way.

  • Backflow Testing - Be sure your systems are functioning correctly. 

  • Injectors - For water wells. Flush out heavy salts and keep your lawn green. 

Crafting Comprehensive Irrigation Solutions

Factors Considered by Professional Contractors

  • Water pressure and source

  • Backflow prevention (to protect drinking water)

  • The nature of the soil

  • Landscaping materials

  • Proposed sprinkler patterns (to ensure outer edges receive plenty of water for maximum health)

  • Seasonal and weather conditions

  • Tree Services